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Modern Architecture

Owner's Representative Services

How We Can Help

As appointed owner's representative we can assist you on your project in a variety of ways:​

  • Site Selection & Due Diligence

  • Entitlements Planning and Zoning Representation

  • Proforma creation and monitoring to keep development within budget.

    • Project Overview

    • S&U Cap Stack

    • Costs & Draws Schedule​​

    • Pre-Opening Expenses

    • Net Operating Income (NOI) with projected fill rate to stabilization

    • GC Draw construction cost breakdown

    • Finance Cost

  • Master Development Scheduling and Monitoring

    • Using MS Project, we will develop your project schedule from site selection through full stabilization and continually monitor to keep project goals within established guidelines.

  • Architectural and Engineers selection and Request For Proposals (RFPs)

  • Architectural – Engineer design reviews and progress monitoring

    • Weekly meetings

    • Review and redline drawings and specifications

    • Push progress, quality, design and coordination

  • General Contractor Selection

    • Bid review and monitoring

    • Price update meetings during design on negotiated GC’s

  • Construction Observation

    • Weekly site reviews and reports

    • Monitor weekly progress vs construction schedule with emphasis on GC meeting milestones

    • Weekly push resolutions on open Requests For Information (RFIs)

    • Drone video/photo’s when possible and legal

    • OAC (represent you at monthly Owner, Architect, Contractor meetings)

    • Monitor and proactively push:​

    • Review and analysis of Proposed Change Orders, with recommendation of approval or denial

  • Holding teams / disciplines / GC, etc. accountable

    • Architect & Engineers for errors and omissions and timely processing of shops and RFI’s

    • Contractors timeline and cost management

  • Oversee owner-supplied third-party work / consultants

Need An Architect?

Our partners at HRH Architects are some of the best and most experienced in the business! Whether you're looking to build apartment buildings or just your dream home, they are ready to help!

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